Various Clothing Styles That Make Steampunk Attire What It Is Today

Steampunk clothing is highly inspired from Victorian costumes with a loose connection of Goth and gypsy clothing. As the punk fashion is a modern trend, therefore, the industrial element is also included in their designing. Steampunk was the idea of writers like H.G.Wells who had a deep interest in the Victorian era and science fictional technologies. Gradually many people showed their interest in the ideology of punk theme and in present period it has grown into a phenomenon followed by millions across the world. Steampunk fashion became a rage among people with the invent of the internet, earlier which was considered an ideology are now consumed by people, from innovatively modified Victorian dresses to fictional gadgets to dark make of Goth era, everything that looks steam punkish are on sale.

Let us a look briefly describe the various clothing fashions those influenced steampunk costumes.

1. Victorian Clothing: As stated above Victorian era dress has huge impact over steampunk wears, in fact the base of whole steampunk culture is based on Victorian era. This period bring big changes in designing of clothing because industrial revolution was in its path. Sewing machine was introduced, factory made dresses were now available and were cheap as compared to handmade clothes making fashion simpler and less extravagant. Corsets were made slightly longer giving women S-curve silhouette, steampunk corsets are also designed on the same line to give the exact S-curve shape to women body. Skirts were designed on a trumpet shape, closely fitting over the hip.

2. Goth Fashion: According to Jess Nevins – “Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover brown.” We can see the impact of gothic fashion over punk subculture. Goth is a dark, morbid, and erotic fashion. Costumes of this culture are all in dark color including the makeup as well. Jet dark hair color, black lips, black clothes, dark fingernails and black eyeliners are common part of attiring for both men and women. The root for this trend can be traced in Elizabethan, Gothic and Victorians era. Goth fashion is a mixture of black velvets, fishnets, lace, tight corsets with a hint of purple or scarlet on leather and silver jewelries.

3. Gypsy Fashion: More associated with the women’s clothing generally includes a long drape the of dress, specially the skirt. Several yard bright colored skirts are made of many layers. Metallic fabrics, bright chiffon and calico are used instead of dull and muted colors for designing. Steampunk skirts are borrowed from gypsy fashion. Puffed sleeves with low necklines in blouses are famous among women. Headscarf called Diklo are must but for married women. Gypsy jewelries like gold coins are popular as well however these jewelries are conversion of traditionally hired property.

4. Modern Fashion: Modern industrialized fashion too has contribution in making steampunk what it is today. Modern fashion valued freedom of expression which is a must element for existence of eroticized and bizarre clothing style like steampunk costumes. Modern age fashion’s twists and turns to period clothing for instance Victorian dresses make such outfits graceful yet raunchy.

At last, we can conclude that steampunk costumes are the remixed styles of different eras and subcultures.